Our Mission And Vision Statement


Our Mission:

Many Hands… Many Hearts… One Goal… Helping Minds Grow.


Our Vision: 


PS 37R provides a variety of educational services to students with diverse developmental delays. Our vision is for all students to achieve to the best of their abilities through alternative instructional options. With the support of staff, parents, and community programs, our hope is to identify individual learning styles, which enable students to be lifelong learners. Best practices enable all students to reach academic and social potential thereby becoming productive members of the community.


Student Goals:

  • To effectively communicate needs.

  • To take care of personal needs.

  • To generalize skills from school to home.

  • To become independent productive adults.


School Goals:

  • To provide a nurturing, structured language based environment.

  • To encourage and welcome all parents/caregivers to participate in all aspects of the school.

  • To provide current/updated instructional strategies to all staff.

  • To increase Least Restrictive Environment Opportunities.

  • To create learning environments that promote positive behavior supports systems.

  • To integrate Academics, Technology, Related Services, the Arts and Community-Based Instruction.

  • To provide transition services and supports