Ms. Amato's iPad Apps Of The Day...


To All,


    Thank you for taking an interest in helping our students succeed through the intergration of technology.

For Educational Purposes, I would reccomend specific applications. My personal favorite iPad apps are:


App Name-                                    Type Of App-


Special Words -                            Matching picture/picture, word/word, word/picture & picture/word

Special Words


Special Stories-                            Wonderful app for making personal social stories.

Special Stories


Igetitapps Collection-                    A collection of apps using covering all skills tested in the Brigance and other diagnostic testing.

i See-quence... My Schedules at School Social Storiesi See-quence... Easter Social Storiesi See-quence... Going to Fireworksi See-quence... My Daily Schedule, Recall My Day and Learn Calendar Concepts, i See-quence... Going to the Grocery Store, i See-quence... My Schedules at Home Social Stories,

i See-quence... St. Patrick's Day Social Stories , i See-quence... Going to Birthday Partiesi See-quence... Going to the Beachi See-quence... Valentine's Day Social Storiesi See-quence... Going to a Restaurant Social Storiesi See-quence... Valentine's Day Social Storiesi See-quence... Christmas


I Like Books -                              Reading

I Like Books - 37 Picture Books for Kids in 1 App


Simplex Spelling (Sight Words) -         Spelling Sight Words

Simplex Spelling HD - Dolch Sight Words With Reverse Phonics


SImplex Spelling 1 (Phonics 1) -          Spelling Words Using Phonetical Awareness

Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 - English


Simplex Spelling  (Phonics 2)               Spelling works with multiple syllables

Simplex Spelling Phonics 2 Syllables - Spell To Read 


Injini-                                             Covers Multiple Skills

Injini: Child Development Game Suite


Simple Sorts-                                 Builds Sorting Skills



Simple Sorts: Counting Math            Builds Counting Skills



Little Writer-                                     Writing Skills


Dexteria-                                        Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Dexteria - Fine Motor Skill Development

Dexteria VPP - Fine Motor Skill Development


ISentence -                                     Creating Sentences 

SentenceBuilder™ for iPad


Rainbow Sentences-                        Creating Sentences on Multi-Levels

Rainbow Sentences


ABC Learn And Play-                      Writing Alphabet & Reciting Alphabet

Alphabet - Learn and Play

Little Speller First Words-                Children Learns How To Spell (For Student's First Learning To Spell)

Learn How to Spell Your First 1,000 Words with Little Speller


Reward Chart-                                (used for behavior intervention, can be used in all settings, very good motivator for children)

Reward Charts


Most of these applications are apps that you must pay for but there are some apps that go free each day that could help our students as well...