About us


    P.S. 37R was founded with the intent of providing a unique learning experience for our students with disabilities. We aim to have our students in their least restrictive environment. Our program is filled with enrichment such as Art, Dance, Music, Life Skills and Technology. Our goal is that all of our students achieve positive outcomes.

    Our philosophy provides the school with unique qualities of which we are tremendously proud. We are dedicated to academic excellence and believe that it is our responsibility to provide every student with effective teaching and quality education. In addition, we also encourage respect for the individuality of each student and recognition of his or her talents, interests and potential. It is our goal to provide all of our students with high quality personal care. We are also proud to say P.S. 37R was voted America's Favorite School in 2010 and received a $20,000.00 grant. We will continue to excel in our work helping your child learn, grow and succeed in the future. 


Please also visit our Department of Education Website at https://schools.nyc.gov/SchoolPortals/31/R037/default.html