Class Y-10

Ms. Amato

Class Y-10: Second Grade

Helpful Links For My Students:


Leveled Reading:

Fruit- Level A

raz_la04wb_fruit.pdf (279,1 kB)


Counting Letters- Level AA

raz_laa25_countletters.pdf (904,9 kB)


My Family- Level AA

raz_laa05_myfamily.pdf (173,8 kB)


Clouds- Level D
raz_ld35_clouds.pdf (684,4 kB)


Websites: Website used for student learning in class Website used for Math, Social Skills and Reading during school. Website used for some of our weekly books. Website of leveled reading books.


I-Pad Applications Used With Children In The Classroom:

***** Most of these apps can be found and purchased for free.

The first five apps are paid for apps that range from $0.99-$15.00*****



App Name-                                    Type Of App-


Special Words -                            Matching picture/picture, word/word, word/picture & picture/word

Special Words


Special Stories-                            Wonderful app for making personal social stories.

Special Stories


Igetitapps Collection-                    A collection of apps using covering all skills tested in the Brigance and other diagnostic testing.

i See-quence... My Schedules at School Social Storiesi See-quence... Easter Social Storiesi See-quence... Going to Fireworksi See-quence... My Daily Schedule, Recall My Day and Learn Calendar Concepts, i See-quence... Going to the Grocery Store, i See-quence... My Schedules at Home Social Stories,

i See-quence... St. Patrick's Day Social Stories , i See-quence... Going to Birthday Partiesi See-quence... Going to the Beachi See-quence... Valentine's Day Social Storiesi See-quence... Going to a Restaurant Social Storiesi See-quence... Valentine's Day Social Storiesi See-quence... Christmas


I Like Books -                              Reading

I Like Books - 37 Picture Books for Kids in 1 App


Simplex Spelling (Sight Words) -         Spelling Sight Words

Simplex Spelling HD - Dolch Sight Words With Reverse Phonics


SImplex Spelling 1 (Phonics 1) -          Spelling Words Using Phonetical Awareness

Simplex Spelling Phonics 1 - English


Simplex Spelling  (Phonics 2)               Spelling works with multiple syllables

Simplex Spelling Phonics 2 Syllables - Spell To Read 


Injini-                                             Covers Multiple Skills

Injini: Child Development Game Suite


Simple Sorts-                                 Builds Sorting Skills



Simple Sorts: Counting Math            Builds Counting Skills



Little Writer-                                     Writing Skills


Dexteria-                                        Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Dexteria - Fine Motor Skill Development

Dexteria VPP - Fine Motor Skill Development


ISentence -                                     Creating Sentences 

SentenceBuilder™ for iPad


Rainbow Sentences-                        Creating Sentences on Multi-Levels

Rainbow Sentences


ABC Learn And Play-                      Writing Alphabet & Reciting Alphabet

Alphabet - Learn and Play

Little Speller First Words-                Children Learns How To Spell (For Student's First Learning To Spell)

Learn How to Spell Your First 1,000 Words with Little Speller


Reward Chart-                                (used for behavior intervention, can be used in all settings, very good motivator for children)

Reward Charts


Four In A Row                                 (Children's game for Social Skills) 


Touch Hockey                                 (Children's game for Social Skills) 


Skee HD Free                                 (Children's game for Social Skills) 


Bubble HD or Bubble Popper             (For Sensory Use & Skills)


Match & Pair                                    (Matching Skills)


Qcount-                                            (Counting)


ABC Flash Cards                             (Learning ABC's & Identifying words/pictures/letters)


If you need any other materials or have any other questions or concerns, please fee free to call me at 1-718-984-9800.

Ask for Ms. Amato or EXT. 1242 or e-mail me at